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3.5T Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck
3.5T Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck
3.5T Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck
Origin:Made in China
Category:Industrial Supplies
Min. Order:1
Supplier:Acecn Machinery International Co., Limited ;China
Post On:May 16, 2017
Modified On:May 17, 2017
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Product Descriptions & Specifications

Energy & Efficient
• Interactive CURTIS LCD meter that can customize driving and lifting performance, and monitor the operating conditionsof the motors to provide work time and fault code.
• Closed-loop lifting speed control that ensures accurate and comfortable lifting control.
• CAN electrical bus control offers fast and accurate signal transmission.
• Sufficient climbing power that can increase overall speed by 20%. 
Smooth & Quiet
• Excellent handling performance that ensures stable and fast acceleration during operation.
• Load sensing and single pump bypass technologies that reduce steering noise significantly.
• Low-noise toothed pump that reduces operating noise significantly.
• 30% energy recovery while braking to provide more power for the battery.

Product Image

3.5T Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck

Supplier's Details:

Acecn Machinery International Co., Limited
128 Jinzhou Ave, Jinzhou Industrial Park Changsha 410001 Hunan China China

Contact person: Katie Liao


Phone: 0086 731 8565 6652 ;


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