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Alkaline water ionizer
Alkaline water ionizer
Alkaline water ionizer
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Supplier:linco9866 ;India
Post On:July 07, 2017
Modified On:November 30, -0001
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Product Descriptions & Specifications

Antioxidant Alkaline ionizer

standardized water converts in to Antioxidant Alkaline Water by using Antioxidant Alkaline Filter. It is best suited for domestic and commercial purposes

There's so much benefits from alkaline drinking water. A alkaline ionizer System produces alkaline drinking water that is good for your health, beauty that can makes your skin look pretty, strong acidic that can cure your wound, etc. 

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Alkaline water ionizer

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plot no 92, mahesh nagar hyderabad 500062 telangana India India

Contact person: kanya


Phone: 9000580256 ; 9399906356


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