Advertise your products and services with attractive banners!

You can advertise and promote your products with attractive banner of different size and dimensions to suite your budget at the special category pages.

Banner Size Options available

  1. 200 x 90 pixel starting from $150 onwards
  2. 200 x 200 pixel starting from $200 onwards
  3. 468 x 90 pixel starting from $270 onwards

Regulation for Ad Image

  1. Image must be animated or static image in GIF/JPG/PNG format
  2. Animated banner flash format cause additional of $20 on standart rates
  3. Your ad shall not include any misleading content or affect the feeling of BIZZLOOKUP visitors.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse the publication of any ad which is illegal or violate the regulation of BIZZLOOKUP.

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